Authorities & Infrastructure

Industry-leading solutions for regulatory bodies, aviation authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers and sensitive infrastructure operators.

Registration & Identity

An Identity and Registration system is an important component of a national drone management solution. For authorities, our National Drone & Operator Registration Services product is ready-to-go and fully customisable, providing a mechanism for drone operators to digitally register their credentials in your territory as well as their drones, qualifications and exemptions.

Geofencing Solutions

With GuardianUTM's powerful geospatial engine, it's easy to set up a U-Space/UTM compliant centralised geofencing service with open APIs and standards to support thousands of drones, apps and systems.

In an ever-changing landscape, we recognise that the geofencing data you need to provide is just going to come from existing aviation sources: you're going to need new tools, systems and infrastructure to build out new data sources, with highly flexible customisation options that cater for mission variables, individual permissions and more.

For example, geo-fencing APIs, check out our developer portal, or contact our sales team for information about setting up your own, dedicated geofencing service.

Protected Airspace Management

GuardianUTM's Protected Airspace Management System (PAMS) enables regional management of a particular region of airspace, giving real-time communications, deconfliction and registry services for each facility.

Designed with deep integration to existing aviation systems, including airport Electronic Flight Strip solutions, PAMS is the solution you need to safely integrate drones into your airspace, now - and well into the future.