Manufacturers & Developers

High quality data and market-leading services to boost your next drone project or app. We have the world’s first purpose-built UTM platform that enables you to create safer and compliant drones that integrate seamlessly into airspace in over 80 countries.


As a manufacturer, we understand your needs. Selling drones around the world is becoming an increasingly complex task – particularly when thinking about compliance with shifting regulations.

That’s where we come in.

Imagine if your next drone could automatically avoid hazardous areas, no-fly zones or restricted areas with real-time continuously-updated data. What if it knew where it was being flown, and automatically helped the pilot fly in compliance with the current laws? What if it could avoid collisions with other drones, or manned aviation?

Our solutions come ready-made with support for regulations in over 40 countries (and growing), and with our commitment to relevance, we’ll ensure your drones always receive data that keeps them compliant with local regulations.

Altitude Angel's cloud platform is the only service designed to put you in control by giving you access to the most authoritative, accurate data sources to catalyse your product development and ensure your customers can fly their drones safely and responsibly in today's changing landscape.

Plus, all of our data feeds come with built-in connection to our GuardianUTM platform, which enables you to take control over your interface with each country’s UTM solutions.


Our APIs take complex, cumbersome and often difficult-to-consume aviation and geospatial data and make it accessible in a common, canonical model that is highly compressible and easy to work with.

High or low bandwidth and latency, no problem: our services will get you up and running in no-time.

Ensure your next drone app has the best chance of global success by plugging into GuardianUTM: our international UTM solution that automagically interfaces with local systems on your behalf, to save you reinventing the wheel everywhere you work.